1 Week Pregnant – Signs, Symptoms & What to Expect

First Week of Pregnancy

Pregnancy in 1st Week in most of the cases are very hard to detect. It is only after few weeks of pregnancy, that one can detect pregnancy. Unplanned pregnancy makes it all the more difficult to detect pregnancy. In most cases pregnancy in 1st week goes undetected because it is thought to be the delay in the menstrual cycle. Only after certain signs are seen, there are tests done to prove whether or not an individual is pregnant. The medical symptoms are visible only after few weeks but there are signs like frequent urination, mood swings, depressions and fatigue that are commonly associated with the first week of pregnancy.

First Week of Pregnancy – Early Symptoms of Your First Trimester

Pregnancy in 1st week in clinical terms is the time when the periods stops. The due date of the baby is calculated accordingly. However, when the egg in the ovary is fertilized by the sperm and the zygote reaches the uterus, one is pregnant. This is actual pregnancy because one does not have the fertilization of the egg immediately after the menstrual cycle. It takes two weeks after the menstrual cycle to become pregnant. During this time expectant mothers can carry on with their normal activities daily. However the signs of pregnancy differs from person to person. In some people, the symptoms are clearly visible while in some they are visible after few days.

1st week pregnant woman does not show much development in the baby. This is so because the official pregnancy date is considered immediately after monthly periods while in the physical sense, there is not much development. The egg is fertilized and it places itself in the uterus from where the fetus will grow. During this time, the 36 chromosomes that contribute to the genetic make of the body along with the physical features and intelligence traits are included in the zygote that will grow into the baby. During the first week of pregnancy, the baby is called the blastocyte. The outer part of the blastocyte becomes the placenta and the inner portion becomes the embryo.

Body Changes DuringĀ 1 Week Pregnant

There are not much visible physical changes during pregnancy in 1st week externally but there are many internal changes. The most common changes are the experiencing of the morning sickness, formation of gas, nausea, constipation and uneasiness. There are many hormonal changes that take place during pregnancy due to which there are bouts of depression. Breasts grow larger along with the areolas becoming darker. However there are many who experience these changes after few weeks. The change in blood pressure only adds to the feeling of tiredness and at times causes an individual to faint.