13 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms, Ultrasound, Fetus Development

13 Weeks Pregnancy

13 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms: What to Expect

Pregnancy in 13th week is a high time when you must take special care of your health and your baby’s health. There are many major development that both mother and baby experience during this week. All the energy which are lost during the early level of pregnancy are regained during this period. You will be get rid of all the tiredness and nausea care. One must start wearing the less fitted clothes as body undergoes many changes. During the pregnancy in 13th week, stretch marks starts appearing on your abdomen. One can notice change in breast size this is because of the mammary ducts which starts preparing for milk production. Veins also starts appearing on the skin under the breasts.

It is during this week when women experience burning sensation in the abdomen area this is because of the expanding uterus. Many also suffer from pain which is technically called as “Round Ligament Pain”. It is the time when mothers need good amount of care and rest. Frequently consult your doctor and follow the prescription. In many cases some women also suffer from vomiting or bleeding. In such cases one must consult the doctor immediately.

13 Weeks Pregnant Fetus Development

During the pregnancy in 13th week baby’s head become large compared to the body. Urinary tract and kidney of the baby starts functioning completely. This allows the baby to excrete the amniotic fluid which he has been swallowing. Normally by this week the baby weighs 1¼ ounces and is 3½ inches long. 13th week pregnancy one can experience the movement of the baby also. During this period also go for regular prenatal development check.

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Women during pregnancy in 13th week experience stretch marks. These days one can get lotions which remove the stretch marks. But before going for such lotions always consult your doctor. Many women also experience reddish streaks down the abdomen. In this time check the blood pressure and your weight regularly. To avoid any complications during delivery time do some pregnancy exercises everyday. There are less chance of miscarriage during the thirteenth week of pregnancy.

To beat certain pregnancy pains during this time use pregnancy pillows.

Special care must be taken while sleeping. Put special emphasis on your diet. Increase the intake of Nutritional and vitamin oriented food and also increase the intake of liquid. The pancreas of the baby starts secreting insulin during this time. Special care must be taken on your sitting and sleeping position.