15 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound, Belly, Fetal Development

15 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy in 15th week is a wonderful period of pregnancy. All the exhaustion and morning sickness are disappeared by this time. The mother’s body goes under many hormonal changes like expansion of your tummy. Many women suffer from pain and aches during this period. In order to get rid of such uneasiness try to do the pregnancy exercises regularly. The organs of the baby are fully developed by the fifteenth week of pregnancy. The risk of miscarriage is also reduced during pregnancy in 15th week. your weight will increase by 5 pounds in this week. One can also experience the swelling of mucus membrane which is caused by the increased level of estrogen.

This week need special care as the immune system is weekend at this stage. You can be prone to infections like flues and cold. Therefor, it is suggested to stay away from outside food, smoke and dust. During pregnancy in 15th week your heart increases its output to supply more oxygen, which is 20% more than pre-pregnancy time. After this week the volume of the supply of the oxygen will keep on increasing. As your body is expanding, it is advisable to wear maternity clothes.

What Happens in the 15th Week of Pregnancy

At 15 weeks pregnancy is when the mother is in her second trimester most likely entering week 3 of that trimester and the symptoms of the pregnancy such as fatigue and nausea may reduce to some mothers. At this stage of the pregnancy most pain which is usually experienced at the beginning of the pregnancy is usually not there anymore and the expectant mother now starts to feel pregnant.

At this stage of the pregnancy the baby is developed to a point that he or she can hear the mother’s heartbeat or breathing. During this stage of the pregnancy the baby ear bones are developed to a point that the baby can hear the mother speaking and even though the eyelids are still shut the baby eyes are able to sense the light at the same time.

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15 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound – What to Expect

During the 15th weeks of pregnancy, the ultrasound can show you the baby either moving the legs or arms or sometimes even sucking his or her thumb. At this stage of the ultrasound also it’s possible to notice that the body of the fetus has some hair. At 15 weeks pregnant ultrasound you can find out about the gender of the child but the results might not be very accurate so more time is needed for the correct results.

15 weeks pregnant ultrasound will show how the fetus has develop the body parts like the ears and it can clearly show that even the bones are firm. The ultrasound will also show the fetus eyebrows and the more develop scalp. The ultrasound at this stage will also show that the legs of the baby are longer than the arms and all the body parts are more likely to be visible properly. At this stage an ultrasound shows clearly all the body parts of the baby.

15 Weeks Fetal Development

Baby’s development during pregnancy in 15th week is apparent from your hormonal change. By this week the baby weighs around 1.75 ounces and 4 inches long. The reddish skin of the baby is covered by fine hair called Lanugo, which helps the baby to maintain the body temperature at a normal level. At this stage the baby can swallow food. Not only this the child can also hear sounds. Mothers can feel the movements made by baby. The baby can squint, suck the thumb, grasp and frown at this stage. In many cases the baby also develop hiccups. The leg’s are grown to and the body of the baby is longer than head.

During 15th week pregnancy period one can experience the expansion of the uterus.

You can also feel your ligaments stretching in abdomen. This stretching can result in cramps and to reduce these cramps use lotions prescribed by the doctor. Correct postures while walking, sitting and sleeping will help you avoid complications during delivery time.

15 Weeks Pregnancy Diet

Its a high time when you have to pay more attention towards your diet. Consult your doctor for some diet advise during 15 weeks pregnancy. Gaining good amount of weight at this stage is normal. But if it is exceeding than the normal weight immediately consult your doctor.