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18 Weeks Pregnant

18 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect

Pregnancy in 18th week brings host of changes to you and your baby. With this week one can see a increase in the waistline. An increase in appetite and body structure is very well apparent in this week. You would enjoy eating and it is suggested to have lots of fruit and nutritional food this time. With the start of this week women can see the uterus below there belly. The size of the uterus can be of cantaloupe. The weight of the women vary largely but normal weight gained by this week is 10 to 13 pounds. Increase in the frequency of urination and feeling sleepy are some of the symptoms seen during pregnancy in 18th week.

Many women try dieting at this but it is not a good thing. It is a high time when you must continue with your pregnancy exercises. Lying on your back is not good and try to avoid this as the uterus can compress your vein called inferior vena cava. Lying on the side is a best way to relax and this will also help to improve the flow of blood. The cardiovascular system of mother’s body is going through sea change during this time. This will result in low blood pressure also. A sudden get up can cause dizziness. To check the growth of the baby pregnancy in 18th week is a best period to do ultrasound. Also avoid indulging in heavy work and indulge in creative things to avoid stress.

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18 Weeks Pregnant Baby Development

During pregnancy in 18th week the weight of the baby will be around 5.25 ounces. In this week the baby continue to grow but the growth will slow down in this week for a while. During this stage one can also detect the heart abnormalities in baby through various tests. From time to time the baby gets active and mothers can feel the movements. The space in the uterus is large compared to the last week and baby can now easily move. In many case the baby sits in cross legged position. The brain parts of the baby is developed and he can sense the external noise. During this time the baby get used to sound like heart beat and other voices of the surrounding.

The baby may also flex its arms and legs and you can clearly identify the move. Around the nerves of the baby a protective layer called meylin is been formed which continue even after one year of birth. Women also face problems of piles and constipation. A change in the size of breasts can also be experienced during pregnancy in 18th week.