29 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound, Baby Position & Movement

29 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy in 29th Week leads you to gain weight. You need to approximately gain 19 to 25 pounds between 20th and 30th week of pregnancy. Take healthy diet and include items such as vegetables, fruits, bran and cereals.

You need to intake lots of water so that your system remains hydrated. This will help you to avoid constipation and dehydration as well. Constipation and dehydration often leads to pre-term delivery. You can also take part in various simple activities such as walking and yoga. However, you should consult the doctor to avoid any sort of complication. The gynecologist may even advice you for complete bed rest. You may also reduce intake of iron tablets if you are facing severe constipation.

29th Weeks Baby Development & Baby Position

Pregnancy in 29th week shows the baby to grow rapidly. He or she measures about 14.5 inches and approximately weighs more than 2 pounds during this stage. The baby’s head is growing and the brain is also maturing. The muscles and the lungs of the baby is also developing and continues to mature. The baby is now able to hear properly. He or she is now able to distinguish between real sound and the sounds that surrounds him.

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According to some experts, the child is also able to understand the voices of the mother and father. They believe that, the heart beat of the child increases on hearing the voices of the parents. The baby is also able to open his or her eyes and turns the face off from bright light. During this stage, the baby sucks his or her thumb and even has the ability to cry.

Body Changes During 29th Weeks Pregnancy

Majority of the woman gains around 11 pounds during 29th week of pregnancy . The expectant mother may experience Braxton Hick’s contractions from time to time. Stretch marks may also appear on breasts, abdomen and thighs during this time. Some would-be-mothers may also face difficulty in breathing. Ankles and face may swell up due to excessive water storage.

Maintain a healthy life style and abstain from smoking or alcohol during pregnancy in 29th week. Moreover, you need to include correct sleeping, sitting and walking postures to avoid muscle pains and backaches.

You may also start reading different birth stories to prepare yourself for the birth of the child. Undergo a pelvic examination towards the advanced weeks of pregnancy. Discuss elaborately with your physician about the labor and delivery process.

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