38 Weeks Pregnant – Symptoms, Ultrasound, Baby Growth

38 weeks pregnant

Pregnancy in 38th week brings lots of changes in mother’s body. A very high time when the baby is ready with its position to come out. The waistline of the women increase tremendously in this week. It is a very crucial week and the women can have labor pain any time. For many it could also be the last week of pregnancy. The growth of the baby is still in progress and is read to settled down in pelvis. At this time mother shed the lanugo cover which will continue even after delivery. It is a time when you must get yourself admitted to hospital as that baby can buzz any time to come out.

38 Weeks Pregnant Baby Weight & Baby

At pregnancy in 38th week the weight of the baby is 6 ½ to 7 ½ pounds. At this phase the organs of the baby are completely matured and starts functioning properly. The baby grow 17 to 20 inches long during this time. The brains and lungs do not function completely. No longer an ultrasound machine is required to check the development of your baby. At this time one must take special care as labor pain can be experienced.

It is a time to prepare for the big day. By this time one can feel the the pressure on bladder and thighs. Most of the women also experience hypertension which is not a good sign as it can reduce the supply of food and oxygen to the baby. This can also hamper you child’s health. With the start of pregnancy in 38th week the tear ducts also starts developing.

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The sex organs of the baby is developed and one can easily identify the child’s sex. Compared to girl baby the boy baby is bit big. Baby girl rests at the lower part of the belly. There are various external changes could be seen in women. The swelling of feet is one of the most common things.

It is a sight which indicates that your pregnancy period is about to over. If you face severe pain, swelling of hands, etc. then you must contact your doctor immediately. Hypertension caused because of pregnancy at this stage is called preeclampsia or toxemia. When the innards gets pushed as the baby grows you may feel heartburn. There is also decrease in the movement of baby, this is because as the baby grows it occupies more space in the womb.

38 Weeks Pregnant Signs of Labor

38 weeks pregnancy signs of labor can start from the 38 weeks and goes to 42nd weeks; so, it is recommended to check out these signs of labor during 38th weeks of pregnancy:-

  • Menstrual like cramps
  • Feeling pressure in your pelvis area
  • Bleeding/spotting
  • Lots of clear, watery discharge
  • Increased vaginal discharge
  • Brownish, pinkish or bloody mucus discharge
  • Pulsing pain in the lower back
  • 4 or more contractions in an hour
  • Nausea, Vomiting and Diarrhea

Keep track of your the blood pressure and heart beat. The risk of breech positioning is also very high during pregnancy in 38th week. this can make the baby to come out early. Avoid stress and take complete rest by this time.