5 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms, Ultrasound Scan: What To Expect

Pregnancy in 5th Week

5 Weeks Pregnant Women – What To Expect

Pregnancy in 5th Week is a stage in pregnancy where the mother-to-be is aware of her pregnant state. From this stage onwards there are certain tests that needs to be done in order to ensure that there are no complications. If there are complications found in pregnancy in 5th week there are certain medications that can be taken and doctors consulted to avoid any future problems. The embryo’s development is very rapid during this week. The size of the fetus is 5 to 6mm in this stage of pregnancy. There are formations of the placenta and the umbilical cord. In the fifth week of pregnancy, the embryo is totally attached to the uterus.

5 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

  • Cramps problems in legs & feet
  • Heightened smelling sense
  • Jitteriness
  • Food cravings
  • Aversions to certain foods
  • Mild pain in joints
  • Excessive saliva
  • Extreme thirst
  • Feeling dizziness
  • Excessive vaginal discharge
  • Constipation
  • Frequency in Urination
  • Breast tenderness
  • Vaginal bleeding

5 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound Scan – What to Expect

After getting the 5 weeks pregnant ultrasound scan, there are visible development of the embryo in pregnancy in 5th week. There are gradual formations of the limbs and the head. Other features too begin to develop in the later stages of pregnancy. The three layers of the cell that is the ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm go on developing at a rapid rate. The outer layer of the fetus develop into the neural tube which later goes on to become the nervous system of the body. The middle layer forms the circulatory system and the heart. With the inner most layer, lungs, urinary systems and digestive systems are formed. The baby is held safe by the amniotic fluid and the mucous membrane.

5th week pregnant also brings about changes like development of the eyes and mouth in the head. Other features of the head too begins to appear in the five week pregnancy. Fingers and toes too appear on the limbs. The expecting mother suffers from many discomforts in some cases. There are problems like dizziness, light headedness, morning sickness, gaining of weight and abdominal pains. Some also experience cramps at various parts of the body. The breasts turn tender during this phase of pregnancy. There are bleeding too in some cases. However if the bleeding persists, the doctors must be consulted immediately. Increase in appetite is common during this time.

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Nutrition & Diet During 5th Week Pregnancy

Pregnancy in 5th week requires the expecting mother to remain healthy and maintain a healthy diet as well. There are food cravings experienced very commonly. It is better to avoid junk food, alcohol and smoking during pregnancy. The pills prescribed by the doctors must be taken and no self medication must be done as it might cause harm to the individual. There are bouts of depressions experienced by mothers to be and efforts should be made to keep them happy so that the health of the baby is not hampered.