Can I Crack My Back While Pregnant?

 Can I Crack My Back While Pregnant

If you have a stiff spine, you may feel the need to crack your back while you’re pregnant. Being pregnant can be a stressful as well as exciting time and many of us carry stress in our back and get tense.

Many couples also enjoy setting up the baby’s nursery, and picking a theme for his or her knew bedroom. Often times it brings the couple closer together since it is something they can do together.

As exciting as pregnancy can be it does have its flaws. In the first trimester many women find themselves sick with morning sickness, some have all-day sickness. The second trimester is where many woman find themselves with more energy and get the majority of the baby chores done (nursery, getting furniture together, etc.), some woman are not so lucky and are still sick with morning sickness.

The third trimester can be the most exciting and most stressful. There is more aches and pains, and more stress.

The stress of pregnancy can be rough and even if a woman is physically ready for their baby they may start to feel as if they are not ready mentally, this is happens a lot with first time moms. The crazy hormones of pregnancy can also make a new dad stressed. The pregnant woman cry’s for no reason and often complains about being uncomfortable and in pain as the baby grows.

Can I Crack My Back While Pregnant? Answer: Yes

Cracking your back during pregnancy will not hurt the unborn baby. While the baby is still small and there isn’t much weight gain it is easier to crack your crack your back. As the weight begins to pile on it may get harder to crack your back. Even if you can crack your back it doesn’t mean you will get any results. The back pain is most likely being caused by the position of the baby. If the baby moves and you still have backache then it may be time to seek some help.

Chiropractor Recommended for Back Safety During Pregnancy

If you need some assistance with cracking your back then visiting a chiropractor may be the answer. Chiropractors can safely crack your back, which will hopefully relieve some of the pain (if not all). It is believed that there are some pressure points that can be pressed to start labor, but your chiropractor should no of all the pressure points and will avoid pressing on them to much.

If having chiropractic care scares you call around and see if they have worked on pregnant woman before, and ask questions. It is your body and your baby and you have the right to be concerned, you also have the right to be as pain free as possible.

Back Pain or Spa Day During Pregnancy

If you are having some back pain and/or feeling stressed a spa day can be a great treat. Some spas have restrictions for woman and may suggest you not visit if you are more than 32 weeks pregnant, so be sure to call and ask. Be sure that the aromatherapist knows how to treat you as an mom-to-be. This is important because there are certain oils that cannot be used since they are known to be dangerous to pregnant woman.

There are also some heat treatments that you should definitely avoid like saunas, steam rooms, tan beds, hot springs, and hot tubs, whirlpools, and jacuzzis. The heat can affect the circulation of blood and nutrients to your baby and could potentially cause some problems.

Other Pain Relief During Pregnancy

Pain relievers that are safe to make your back feel less sore during pregnancy is stretching and keeping good posture. Stretches during pregnancy can take some time but can help relieve some of the knots and strain you may have.

Carrying a baby plus all of the water can put a lot of stress on the back and does cause a lot of stress, something that can help is yoga which is great for stretching and relaxing and is safe. Just look up a few techniques online or visit a class if there is one offered near by. Every pregnant woman deserves to be in as less pain as possible.

Cracking Your Back and Pregnancy Concerns

When you feel the urge to crack your back during pregnancy it is safe. It can be difficult to relieve back pain once you have gained weight. But it is okay to ask for some relief. Whether it is from a professional or if it from your significant other. If it helps the pain go away then it is worth it, and you do not have t worry about the safety of your unborn baby as long as you make sure the professionals know how to care for a soon to be mom.