Can I Drink Diet Shakes When Pregnant?

Diet Shakes When Pregnant

Diet shakes are quick, easy and some of the flavors are fantastic, but should you drink them while pregnant? If you’re trying to lose weight and your pregnant you need to speak with your doctor or obstetrician. Drinking diet shakes is not recommended for pregnant women, although there are many of our readers who swear that it’s what gets them through the first hour of the morning as they battle nausea and morning sickness instead of having to eat a heavy meal.

Can I Drink Diet Shakes While Pregnant? Answer: Not To Lose Weight

Other women use them as a handy supplement, adding them to their regular lunch time meal or using them as a light snack when we wake up in the wee hours hungry but not wanting to get up and start making something in the kitchen.

What Are Diet Shakes?

Intended to replace all or some of your meals, the goal of a diet shake is to reduce your calories. Generally the shakes are low in fat, will have a low GI (glycemic index) and will contain fiber, minerals, nutrients and protein. Diet shakes are not intended to replace all meals and are always advised to be used as part of an overall energy restricted diet teamed with exercise.

Can Dieting During Pregnancy Harm My Baby?

Dieting for weight loss during pregnancy is discouraged. Your fetus needs a specific supply of calories and nutrients for normal development – it is essential that your baby gets the nutrients it needs to develop properly.You will be gaining weight during pregnancy; a total weight gain of 30 -35 pounds is normal.

When you are pregnant you should be following a balanced diet which allows for appropriate weight gain and gives your fetus the nutrients it needs.

What’s In The Shakes I Am Considering Drinking?

You may not realize it but many shakes have supplements added to them. They are a meal supplement, so in order for you to get what you need out of them they may have additional vitamins and minerals added to ensure health in a regular person who is not pregnant. While you may be eating for two, there are some vitamins and minerals you definitely don’t want too many of! What do I mean? There may be additional vitamin A in some of the shakes you are considering. On top of the vitamin A in your prenatal supplement, this may exceed your daily limit which is considered to be safe in pregnancy.

If I Do Choose to Drink A Shake, How Often Could I Drink Them?

Do not use these shakes to diet, you are pregnant so enjoy your glow, eat healthily and be proud of your bump! But, ready made shakes are great to be used as an occasional meal on the go, a snack or as a supplement to your regular meals. We know how hungry pregnant women get, and sometimes adding the occasional shake to your diet can fill you up that little bit more.When you’re pregnant, make sure that you are eating a variety of food from all of the food groups. If in doubt, speak with a nutritionist.

Is Making My Own Shakes A Substitute?

Absolutely! Make your own shakes with soy, milk or water as a base and add fruit, vegetables, yoghurt, protein powder – the list goes on. By making your own shakes you are at liberty to add wholesome, natural ingredients into your shake and have a nutritional snack at your fingertips. You wont have to worry about added vitamins and minerals because you know exactly what went into your shake to begin with.

Diet shakes can make a great “snack” during pregnancy, but they should not be used for weight loss or as a meal replacement to reduce your caloric intake. Your fetus needs essential nutrients from the food you eat. A well balanced diet is essential.