Can I Fertilize My Garden While Pregnant?

Fertilize My Garden While Pregnant

Many women enjoy gardening, and particularly when you are first pregnant it is a therapeutic form of light exercise, but can you fertilize while you’re pregnant? It is difficult to know what will harm your baby when you are carrying your little one.

Can I Fertilize May Garden While Pregnant? Personal Choice

There is not enough research that has been done on garden fertilizers and the effects on pregnant women to safely promote this activity while pregnant. If you are a keen gardener and you’re pregnant, you should always take care when fertilizing.

Get someone else to apply it for you

Even with all of the protective equipment available today from your garden center including gloves and masks its better to get someone else to apply your fertilizer while you remain inside or far away from the area being fertilized. Airborne particles and residue can still come into contact with you.

Use natural fertilizers where you can

Use natural fertilizers wherever you can. These will reduce the risk of you coming into contact with harmful chemicals but you should still take care using appropriate safety equipment and always washing your hands and clothes as soon as possible afterwards. Compost and animal waste products are natural fertilizers, but it’s still poop!

Work in an open air environment when you fertilize

If you are fertilizing your potted indoor plants make sure that you have plenty of air flow and that you use gloves when you are applying it. If you are outside make sure that there is plenty of fresh air and ventilation – if you work in a greenhouse regularly get someone else to fertilize your plants and then wait a day or two before you go back in to work.

Gardening is a wonderful hobby; you can create beautiful areas for friends and family to enjoy as well as grow your own organic produce. Thousands of women work in horticulture and have happy, healthy babies. As long as you take care when using chemicals and use appropriate personal protective gear such as face masks and gloves you should be fine when you fertilize your plants. If you are worried, please speak to your medical professional and continue to research the effects of fertilizer on pregnancy.

What is your experience with gardening and trying to fertilize it while you were pregnant?