Medical Terminology and Definitions for Pregnancy

Medical Terminology for Pregnancy

Medical Terms and Definitions During Pregnancy

Carrying of one or more offspring also called fetus or embryo, inside the body of a female mammal is known as Pregnancy. Human pregnancy is one of the most examined of all mammalian pregnancies, and the medical field that deals with pregnancy is called Obstetrics. There are various Pregnancy Medical Terminology that all women bearing a child should know, as this will help her go through the different Stages of Pregnancy more smoothly. The Pregnancy Medical Terminology explains the process of development, the conditions and also the detailed process of child birth.

The Pregnancy Medical Terminology gives a detailed idea of the various terminology of pregnancy which gives a good idea to the expectant mother of what are the changes that are happening in her body and the development of the baby in the womb.

These Medical Terminology for Pregnancy helps her go through the pregnancy process as smoothly as possible.

Some of the various Pregnancy Medical Terminology that are used by the health provider and or the doctor while they are communicating with the expectant mother and also the father and knowing some of the different Medical Terminology for Pregnancy will only help the parent in the long run with the due date of pregnancy coming near.