Obstetrics & Gynecology: Helps to Check the Progress of Pregnancy

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Obstetrics and Gynecology Definition

Obstetrics is a technical term which is associated with the surgical specialty dealt with the women during her pregnancy. This branch of medicine deals with care of the mother and childbirth. Obstetrics helps to check the progress of pregnancy. It also helps to verify the whether ex-novo disease is present or not. The antenatal appointment of the women depends on the risk factor like diabetes. This field of science checks the various things when women progress in pregnancy. There are three period of pregnancy First trimester, Second Trimester and Third Trimester. The various checkups and tests are done based on these periods.

The First Trimester is the beginning of pregnancy when woman experience fatigue, morning sickness and mood swings. Such symptoms can continue for next 12 to 16 pregnancy weeks. In second trimester the abdomen shows swelling. The third trimester is a very important period when women has to take special care in which women mostly experience backaches. Heartburn, urinary incontinence are other things which make the women uncomfortable. Obstetrics helps to determine the various changes occur to baby and mother during pregnancy period. The normal gestation period is 40 weeks. But in many cases the women the gestation period can also be for 38 weeks.

During pregnancy the women undergo many physical and psychological changes. The blood volume and the cardiac output increase as you advance in pregnancy. The cardiac output increase by 50%, this happens with the start of first trimester. Obstetrics also checks on the blood pressure of the women.

If the woman experience abnormal blood pressure then she must undergo tests. The tow important things that are affected during pregnancy are carbohydrate metabolism and protein metabolism. Obstetrics keep track of all these things. Pregnancy brings lot of changes in women and in order to cope with the changes women need to boost up their energy. This can be done by having a healthy diet.

Increase in uterus size and increase in body weight are the two things which can be felt once you enter the second trimester of pregnancy. To deal with various complications of pregnancy prenatal care is necessary.

For this you have to go for check ups regularly this will help you to keep track of pregnancy complications. Prenatal care is also a part of Obstetrics. This field of science also deals with labor pain, cesarean, etc. The progress of labor is taken care of obstetrician.