Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Can You Get Pregnant on the Implant Nexplanon?

What is the Birth Control Implant? A birth control implant is a device that is inserted under a woman's skin, usually under her arm, which gives produces an artificial hormone that prevents ovulation. The most...
Great Things About Pregnancy

10 Great Things You Must Know About Pregnancy

You found out that you’re pregnant; you’re glowing with health and vitality and looking forward to the next nine months. Then the morning sickness kicks in, along with fatigue, constipation and twinges of pain...
Medical Terminology for Pregnancy

Medical Terminology and Definitions for Pregnancy

Medical Terms and Definitions During Pregnancy Carrying of one or more offspring also called fetus or embryo, inside the body of a female mammal is known as Pregnancy. Human pregnancy is one of the most...