Thursday, July 9, 2020
Is it safe to carry my toddler when I am pregnant

Is it Safe to Carry My Toddler When I’m Pregnant?

Pregnancy is a wonderful time, but other people, specifically the little people in your life may not agree and leave you asking is it safe to carry my toddler around? Just because you’re pregnant...
Can I take a Dance Class When Pregnant

Can I take a Dance Class When Pregnant?

As a general rule of thumb you can generally keep doing any exercise, including a dance class, you have been previously doing when you fall pregnant, as long as your body feels OK and...
Can I Crack My Back While Pregnant

Can I Crack My Back While Pregnant?

If you have a stiff spine, you may feel the need to crack your back while you’re pregnant. Being pregnant can be a stressful as well as exciting time and many of us carry...
Can I Eat Lobster While Pregnant

Can I Eat Lobster While Pregnant?

With all the drama surrounding the seafood, does lobster make the list of banned foods while pregnant? During pregnancy, you should be very careful with what you eat. You are going through a sensitive phase,...
Can I Bleach My Body Hair While Pregnant

Can I Bleach My Body Hair While Pregnant?

Many of us bleach body hair while we’re pregnant, it’s a time when we want to look and feel our best. Often when a woman is pregnant she is dealing with aches, pains, swollen...
Cough Drops While Pregnant

Can I Have Cough Drops While Pregnant?

Cough drops during pregnancy provide some immediate relief to a dry and scratchy throat, but is it safe for mother and her baby? Having sore throats and throat irritations are very common whether one is...
Sex During Pregnancy

Is It Safe To Have Sex During Pregnancy?

Many women wonder if its safe to have sex while pregnant, or even if they should be having sex at all. All women are different, and women may find that even individual pregnancies leave...