Stages of Pregnancy: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Pregnancy Trimesters

Pregnancy Stages

Stages of Pregnancy is an important and thrilling aspect in women’s life in their post marital phase. Women after the marriage with male sex aims to enter into a family way to make the post marital phase a complete and enjoyable, with some woman have early pregnancy while some has late pregnancy. Anyhow the phase is enjoyable from women’s point of view.

During the pregnancy stages, pregnant mother has to be under close care of the senior family members. Regularly the pregnant mother has to be under the constant surveillance of the consultant Gynecologist and Obstetrics. The consultant guides the patient on regular basis on how to lead life during the pre-natal stage.

What are the Stages of Pregnancy

There are various pregnancy stages, which a pregnant mother has to follow religiously. The different stages are first trimester, second trimester, third trimester and prenatal development. Apart from the investigative part there are other stages followed religiously. The mother is given healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, limited quantity of food, which should be high in fat, sugar and salt. Pregnant mothers are also given leafy vegetables, low fat milk, cheese and yogurt. During the period of pregnancy for baby’s healthy growth mothers are given Iron foods, Vitamin A and other vitamin related items for the healthy nourishment of the mother and also the baby too.

Stages of Pregnancy

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We know the period of pregnancy is prolonged. It ranges within the 10.5 months and 11 months. Around the dawn of birth of new creations in this eternity, the mother has to maintain more precaution. The purpose is to keep the baby in safe condition. Unnecessary bending, lifting heavy objects and eating late at night are strictly prohibited. During this period excess drinking of tea or coffee is also restricted.

In between the different  stages of pregnancy in 1st, 2nd and 3rd Pregnancy Trimesters, the mother has to undergo ultrasound test and other investigation. From the ultrasound test different movements of the baby is determined. In some cases the near to precise date of birth of the child is determined.