Swollen Breasts & Breast Changes in Early Pregnancy

Swollen Breasts During Pregnancy

One of the commonest early signs of pregnancy is swollen breasts. Swollen breasts during pregnancy is one of the commonest symptoms experienced by the would-be mother during those precious nine months. These breast changes during pregnancy are caused by the increase in the hormones namely estrogen and progesterone. This leads to the swelling up of the breasts, a sensation which is predominant in the first three months of your pregnancy.

The discomfort lessens with the onset of the second trimester. The rise in the levels of the hormone lead to an increase in the level of blood flow and this brings about a change in the breast tissues. The swelling of the breasts is followed by a sensation that is tingly. The breasts feel quite sensitive to touch.

Swollen breasts mainly occur in 4 to 6 weeks just after you have missed your periods. It stays for the entire first trimester. However the soreness of the breasts remain till the body continues to adjust to the normal hormone levels.

What Changes Happen To Your Breast During Pregnancy?

The breasts size increases by one or two cup size. This way the body prepares itself for now its time for breast feeding and the size is significantly large when you are giving birth to your first baby. One of the problems that is faced during this time is that the swollen breasts may cause stretch marks which gradually soften after giving birth.

Breast Changes During Pregnancy

Your breasts may also sense an itchy sensation, and particularly in the area surrounding the nipple called areola but this also heals away gradually.

Many a times however, the breasts may not enlarge at all but that hardly counts since the breast feed ability is the major reason behind it and if that is normal, it can be concluded the body is functioning all right. Swollen breasts are only a part of your pregnancy and they only ensure the proper development of the mother and the baby.